About us


Terry Woods & Graham Le Blond have over 50 years of experience between them in animal husbandry and humane badger and fox management.

Both have backgrounds in dangerous dog handling and dog psychology. Through working with Trevor Williams at The Fox Project and wildlife expert John Bryant they gained extensive knowledge on wildlife/pet rescue and wildlife welfare.

Hannah Owen is our wildlife consultant and business coordinator and holds a BSc degree in Conservation Biology (2:1). 

She has a published research paper in science communication and is a commissioned environmental writer. She has worked for numerous animal welfare and environmental organisations and spent 6 years, whilst studying, working at a boarding cattery and kennels. 

Hannah volunteered with The Fox Project, our partner organisation, which led her to Fox-A-Gon and therefore Badger-Gon. As part of the Badger-Gon team Hannah combines her coordination skills with her practical hands on experience and understanding of animal behaviour.


Because we care about our planet, its flora and fauna and the much-maligned badger, an important part of British ecology.


Using our knowledge of badger behaviour and psychology we solve your badger problems with humane methods. We exclude the badgers from your property either as a full exclusion or partial exclusion of the sett.


We DO NOT harm any animal anyway anyhow!

We do not trap and remove Badgers, this might lead to you and us breaking animal welfare laws (there are rare exceptions to this policy).


In brief, we conduct a thorough survey of your property and the perceived problem, in many cases the problems are not as severe as first thought. We first assess the badgers habits, then after making sure no badgers are trapped under ground (using cctv, digging out and ‘one-way door’ devices), we close up any ‘setts’ by use of 12 gauge mesh (2.5mm). In some cases we will build a false badger sett in a desirable location so that the badgers can seek refuge and not cause damage in too close proximity.


Private dwellings, Allotments, Sports Facilities, Schools/Nurseries, Hospitals, Care Homes, Factories, in fact anywhere a badger is causing problems.

We operate in the whole of England, mostly in the South, South East and West and commonly in Bristol, Liverpool, The Midlands, Devon and Wales, Bradford and Bournemouth.

Our services include but are not limited to Badger Deterrents, Badger Management, Badger Repellents, Badger Proofing, Fouling Clearance, Badger Removal, Badger Problem, Badger Problems and Remedial Works.


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