Dealing with Badger Problems

Badger-Gon is a humane deterrence service for individuals, companies and organisations who are being troubled by badgers and wish to resolve the problem with absolute certainty no harm will come to the animals. We cover the whole of England and believe there is always an alternative to causing suffering or death.

We are set up for the sole purpose that we deal with badger problems sympathetically. We have a sister company, Fox-A-Gon, that is partnered with The Fox Project. We first came across badger problems 10 years ago whilst carrying out our fox work. As Fox-A-Gon we were recently recommended by Chris Packham and over the years have been documented by numerous organisations including the BBC. As our reputation grew we organically branched out to create Badger-Gon as its own entity.

We have worked with the Natural England Offices in Essex, Somerset and Oxfordshire to successfully and humanely resolve peoples badger concerns in schools, council owned land, residential properties and celebrity owned estates. At present we are working closely with the Essex Badger Protection Group at a few locations.

Badgers and their setts are protected under a series of wildlife protection laws, in particular the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. This protects them against any interference with the sett, poisoning, gassing, asphyxiating, maiming, stabbing, impaling, drowning and clubbing, with anyone carrying out such acts subject to 6 months imprisonment and/or £5,000 fine per animal. This also includes any interference with a badger sett.

The majority of complaints involving badgers include digging holes in garden lawns and flower beds, tunnelling underneath garden buildings, biting through garden fencing, fouling in gardens, fouling in school playgrounds and digging holes and setts in sports fields.

By drawing on knowledge of the species and its behaviour and by using non-harmful methods of deterrence, we guarantee that the nuisance being suffered can be prevented or, at the very least, significantly reduced.

Action can only be taken under a license from Natural England. Under strict regulations experts like ourselves are then permitted to manage the badger problem. Where necessary, false setts are created in order to assist the badgers when they’ve been displaced. Often, solving a badger problem will require discussion and cooperation between neighbours as setts are often not restricted to a singular garden.

This professional service above all causes no physical harm or suffering of any kind to the animals involved. Our services in dealing with badger problems include but are not limited to Badger Deterrents, Badger Management, Badger Repellents, Badger Proofing, Fouling Clearance, Badger Removal, Badger Problem, Badger Problems and Remedial Works.


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